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Picture of Rafael Sabatini When Rafael Sabatini is mentioned most people think of high adventure, sword-fighting and damsels in distress. This isn't surprising since his most famous works have been translated into the classic swashbuckling films Captain Blood and Scaramouche. However, these books represent a small fraction of Sabatini's work. A popular author during his lifetime, he produced 31 novels, 8 short novel/short story collections, 6 nonfiction books, numerous short stories, and a play.

Sabatini's writing, usually fiction in a historic setting, explores political intrigue, religion, and the place of chivalry and honor, while entertaining with clever dialogue, deftly drawn characters and action sequences as vivid and thrilling as modern movies.

If you are not as familiar with Sabatini's work as you would like to be, you can browse through reviews of his books and the texts of some of his stories through links on our Bibliography pages. Other opinions, discussions and explorations of his work can be found through our Articles & Images or our Miscellanea pages.

Whether you are a long-time admirer or just discovering the works of Sabatini, we hope we have provided useful information to furthering your acquaintance with Sabatini's work.

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